Least Adoptable 16 Year Old Ginger Feline Finally Finds Furever Home – Heartwarming


When a young woman decided to go to the Shelter and asked for the least adoptable cat, she found a 16-year-old ginger feline.

Meet the cat named Chester!


Madeleine, the 22-year-old cat lover, has gone through a series of bad events in life for the last two year. She knew it was time to find a cat companion who would be able to fill the void in her heart. But Madeleine wanted a special feline.

“She lost two friends and our dad. She also went through a rough relationship patch and retired from her professional ballet career,” according to Madeleine’s sister, who goes by a username whosthatgirlitsvern in imgur.

“So she did what any good sad person would do. She got a cat.”


It wasn’t just any ginger feline. When she arrived at the shelter, she walked straight to the staff and asked for a kitty who had the most difficult time finding a home.

The shelter immediately thought about Chester, a 16-year-old ginger boy, who was surrendered by his owner.


“He’d been in the shelter for over a year, hiding in the corner of his cage, outshone by all the kittens.”

When Madeleine met the ginger feline for the first time, she just fell in love. The old cat had always been a bit skittish, but things quickly changed when he saw Madeleine.

“When I got to spend time with him, we instantly bonded. Wherever I sat, he followed and hopped up on my lap… I had no idea what I was getting myself into with cats, and I didn’t care. I knew I had to have him,” Madeleine said.


It was as if Chester knew that he had found his forever human. When the shelter staff informed her about the age of the cat, the young woman held him close to her chest and replied, no animal should have to die in the shelter. She made up her mind to adopt this senior cat so he could live out his golden years in a forever loving home.

“I’m thrilled and impressed with my sister, especially at her age,” imgur user whosthatgirlitsvern told Love Meow.

After five hours of adjusting and warming up to his new home, Chester declared the house to be his kingdom and claimed his humans’ laps as his bed.


We are pretty sure that this kitty will spend the golden years of his life full of TLC!

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Source: Iheartcats
Photos: imgur

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