Mochi The St. Bernard Breaks Guinness World Records For Longest Dog Tongue


Imagine being kissed and slobbered up by Mochi, who is now the record holder of longest dog tongue in the world. Nicknamed Mo, this St. Bernard has a tongue that measures a whopping 7.31 inches (18.58 cm) in length.

Mo was already two years old when her owner, Carla Rickert, adopted her. She drove 11 hours with her daughter just to take a look at the giant-pawed pooch. Rickert described her first meeting with Mo as “love at first sight” and that’s when she went to officially adopt her.

Meet Mochi “Mo” the St. Bernard.

Source: Guinness World Records

This pooch is the new record holder for world’s longest dog tongue.

Source: Guinness World Records

Mochi’s tongue measures 7.31 inches in length.

Source: Guinness World Records

Imagine getting kisses from this big girl.

Source: Guinness World Records

Mochi’s extremely long tongue lets her lap up her food quickly, Rickert explained to Us Weekly. And because Mochi has the longest dog tongue, she could fling her food up to four feet across the room, Rickert added.

Having a big tongue can also become a real challenge that’s why the Rickerts did everything to help this beautiful lady. They provided Mo a 12-inch wide water and food containers placed on an elevated feeder just to minimize the messes.

Mochi can eat her food rather quickly.

Source: Guinness World Records

But she can also pick up a lot of dirt with that long tongue. Tsk!

Source: Guinness World Records

The happy-go-lucky dog also meets challenges such as picking up dirt when her tongue sticks out as she’s resting. But having a loving family makes it all okay. Mo enjoys hanging around with her humans, who know that she has deep love for sweet potatoes.

When it comes to her new achievement for being a record holder, Rickert said:

“It still does not seem real! Mochi is so humble, she never brags or boasts but I know that she is as proud of her new record as we are. It feels truly amazing to be a part of the Guinness World Records: Amazing Animals book! We are so grateful for the opportunity to make other’s smile.”

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