Man Lost His Pit Bull Over A Year Ago And Finds Him About To Be Put Down At A Shelter

Barry Gearhart

Losing a beloved dog is one of the most devastating experiences in life. We can’t imagine how painful it is for the owner wondering if the dog is safe and sound out there.

Barry Gearhart lost his pit bull named Titan over a year ago and he was devastated, calling that day as the worst ever. According to him, the dog was stolen when it accidentally got away from the house.

Barry Gearhart

Despite a lot of people saying that it was impossible to recover Titan, Barry did not lose hope. He was positive that the two of them will soon be reunited.

Barry never gave up looking for his beloved dog. He posted and circulated photos of the pit bull as often as he could on social media sites, hoping that someone might find Titan.

Barry Gearhart

One day, Barry noticed a comment on Titan’s photo on Facebook saying that the dog looked exactly like the one at a local shelter. According to the commenter, the pit bull is now named Hank.

The worried dog owner immediately rushed to the local shelter to confirm if Hank is indeed his beloved dog, Titan. The moment that he saw the pit bull, he knew right away that it is his.

Barry Gearhart

The people at the shelter were happy that Barry and his dog got reunited. According to them, it was already decided by the group that Hank will be put down due to a lack of space and Barry just arrived in the nick of time.

Watch the emotional reunion between a man and his pit bull:

The two are now reunited and they couldn’t be any happier.

Barry Gearhart

While Barry and Titan have already been reunited, the dog owner can still clearly recall the time when he lost his beloved pit bull.

Barry Gearhart

Barry revealed that he cried every night for weeks after losing his dog.

lost pit bull found at a shelter
Barry Gearhart

Watch the video below.

“A man whose dog was stolen a year ago has been reunited with the pooch just a couple days before it was to be euthanized.”

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