Man Dedicates Life To Save Homeless Kittens As He Travels The World


Most people are having a hard time figuring out what to do with their lives; however, this young man had always known that helping homeless kittens is what he would want to do in his lifetime.

Angelo Varriano loves cats, especially those who are wandering the streets. When he travels, he always searches for homeless kittens and stray cats and gives them some TLC.

He feels at home around cats. They are his BFFs

homeless kittens

“I love cats. And I have 14 (yes, that is right, 14 :)) living with me,” said Angelo. “All of them were stray, which I rescued from the streets. I always try to find new homes for them, but it’s kind of difficult here in Brazil to find real good ‘parents’ for them.”

While the kind-hearted man has a big love for cats, he also likes to travel. Every time he is at a certain place, he always makes sure to find homeless kittens.

“I always try to find new homes for them (homeless kittens)”

Amidst all the evil things that are going on today, there are still some people like Angelo who is trying their best to make this world a better place to live in.

We definitely need more men like him!

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H/T: purrtacular