Man Rescues Abandoned Tiny Kitten And Finds A New Meaning In Life


A tiny kitten who was in a terrible shape was abandoned by his mother on the day he was born. He was in a life and death situation until a kind-hearted man rescued him.

The man was not really into baby cats until the tiny kitten arrived and it changed his life forever.

“I never thought myself to be the fatherly type but this little guy is showing me a whole new side of myself.”


“When I found him the umbilical was still attached even,” reddit user hidetolol said. “I have lost about three hours of sleep a night from my usual routine researching constantly about how to keep this baby alive! I’ve basically given up having a normal life for the next 5 more weeks to make sure to follow a rigorous feeding and pee/poop ritual.”

His girlfriend also helped him take care of the kitten by feeding him regularly with some formula.


Despite having a few cats of his own, nothing could have prepared him for taking care of this tiny kitten.

“It has been quite exhausting as I’m getting up a few times a night. I made the decision to save it so I will bear the burden of the hard part,” he said.


“I am very lucky that my brother’s girlfriend works at a vet clinic and is able to babysit for me while I’m stuck at my 9 to 5, but otherwise he has had a basic checkup done and seems very healthy, all things considered!


“I have three more weeks of loving labor to help him poop until I’m there.”

The mother cat may have abandoned the tiny kitten because she thought the little one would not survive for long. However, the man is pretty determined to give this baby kitty a chance to experience life.


“Even if it’s for a few months, it deserves to be loved.”

Another reddit user showed his support by commenting that “To this kitty, you are now mom.” He replied, “And that is a title I shall defend with my life!”

“As someone who was set on not having kids ever, this will probably be the closest I’ll come to experiencing it,” he said.

tiny kitten

The tiny kitten is very lucky to have found a new family who are willing to give him unconditional love.

“He finally gets to associate a face to the smell!”

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H/T: Reddit