Man Vows Not To Hold A Kitten Until A Tiny Calico Appears To Change His Mind


This man vows not to ever hold a kitten, but an adorable tiny calico decided to take matters into her own hands and made this guy change his mind. The man didn’t stand a chance.

Meet the little calico kitten named Birdie!


This adorable little cat was discovered along with her siblings at a golf course. They appeared to have been abandoned by their mother.

“My sister found five kittens on a local golf course. The mom hadn’t been seen for two days, so she took them in and has been hand raising them,” reddit user meet_the_dean said.


They wanted to bring all the feline babies home but there is one big problem – their dad does not really like cats that much!

“No, I don’t want to hold a kitten,” is exactly what their father said when they brought the kittens home.


The family already has a 14-year-old tabby and dad doesn’t have any plan of getting another one at this moment. However, the kittens are desperate to be adopted. They do not want to go back out there where it’s cold and dangerous.

That’s when the tiny calico decided to make a move.

She is determined to make the man his human dad.

“She was just starting to open her eyes and move around. All she wanted to do was cuddle for warmth, which he has a lot of,” the son said.

She demanded love and TLC from the man. The moment she got to sleep on his shoulder, dad could no longer refuse the charm of this tiny calico cat.

A few month later, the family decided to make this calico a permanent member of the family!


“She has turned into the most loving cat and they can’t let her go,” the son said.

They originally planned to have all of the kittens adopted but dad decided to keep them.

Birdie and her human dad became inseparable.


Thanks to this charming calico kitten, all of them found a forever home and a loving family.

If a cat chooses you, you never stand a chance.


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