No One Wants To Go Near This Mangy Cat, Until This Woman Heard His Cry

John Hwang

Valentino’s past remains a mystery. No one knows what he went through but it’s pretty obvious that life has not been kind to him. Elaine headed to Baldwin Park shelter’s medical and found Valentino’s condition to be heartbreaking.

The cat was extremely filthy and he had the contagious sarcoptic mange. He was in such a bad shape that his eyes were glued together shut due to his condition.

Leave No Paws Behind

With how he looked, no one wanted to be near this mangy cat Valentino. Everyone though that he’s going to die very soon but Elaine didn’t see that. Elaine saw hope and somehow Valentino felt the kindness shown to him.

He would let out a soft purr and put his head on her shoulder.  It’s as if Valentino thanked Elaine for being the one who showed him compassion.

“This is one of the sweetest cats I’ve ever met. When I saw him in medical at Baldwin Park shelter he stole my heart,” Elaine told LoveMeow.

Elaine Seamans

Elaine decided that this mangy cat should be given a chance. So she reached out to the California-based rescue group, Leave No Pets Behind’s Toby Wisneski for help.

While she was on the phone with him, Toby heard Valentino’s meows and that was enough for him to want to save the feline. So Toby went to Baldwin Park shelter to pick up Valentino and give him the treatment he needed.

John Hwang

Valentino couldn’t see with his eyes but he knew everybody around him cared for him.

On his first day at the hospital, the mangy cat was relieved of his pain and started to snuggle and purr. With continued treatment, Valentino’s eyes started to open.

John Hwang

“He has a long way to go, however, each new day brings small improvements… All he wants is love.”

mangy cat
John Hwang

Valentino’s recovery may take some time but what matters is that he gets to feel the love from the people who cared for him.

Listen to Valentino’s lovely meow on the video below:

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H/T: LoveMeow