He May Look Like A Normal Cat Until You See His £50,000 Hind Legs – Miracle Cat

Les Wilson

It was just an ordinary day for Oscar the cat as he wanders around his home in Jersey, in the Channel Islands. Little did he know, he was about to experience the most painful thing anyone could ever imagine.

Meet Oscar the miracle cat!

Les Wilson

Oscar got caught in a combine harvester that caused severe injuries to his hind legs. Despite the painful ordeal, the brave kitty remained strong until he arrived at the animal hospital with his human family.

The vet during that time wasn’t really sure if they could help the poor cat. The injuries were so serious that the doctor thought he would not survive. Luckily for Oscar the cat, the vet knew someone that might save him.

They called Noel Fitzpatrick.

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According to The Daily Mail, the doctor proposed an almost impossible surgery that would involve “fusing metal and bone.” Despite knowing how painful the procedure would be for their beloved feline, Oscar’s family decided to go through with it to save him.

Fortunately, the operation went well and Oscar woke up from it feeling better. He immediately started to explore the surroundings with his new hind legs.

Les Wilson

Oscar became the world’s first kitty with two bionic legs, and he loves it!

Following the rehabilitation process, Oscar returned home like nothing bad had happened to his legs. He resumed his normal duties of lounging around, chasing his toys and acting cute to everyone around him.

The total cost of Oscar’s two bionic legs has reached $50,000 according to Purr-N-Fur.org. However, the family never had to worry about paying it because of the good doctor and his firm covered all the cost of the operation.

The family is very thankful to the kind-hearted people who made everything possible. They initially thought after the incident that Oscar was going to be put down.

Oscar is a miracle cat!!!

Les Wilson

Watch Oscar’s video below:

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