Missing Cat Found After 3 Years – Kitty May Not Regret He Got Lost!


A cat that has gone missing could be a terrible experience for both the animal and its human. However, in the case of Woosie the missing cat, it’s a different story.

Meet Woosie the missing cat and his human mom Helen!


His experience is quite a luxury instead of living a terrible life on the street. The adorable feline got lost one morning at his home in St, Austell, Cornwall, while following a strange noise in the backyard.

When his human parents Helen and Philip did not hear from him all day, they got anxious so they started to look for the cat all over the place, until they realize that Woosie is missing.

The kind-hearted couple got worried about Woosie’s situation. He is a house cat who could run into bad things on the streets or he could be hungry with nothing to eat while trying to find his way home.

After several years, although Woosie has always been on their minds, they haven’t really thought of seeing him again until one day they received a call from a local animal clinic.

“He went out one morning as cats do and we never saw him again,” Helen said.

“Then nearly three years on, we get a call from the vets saying we have got your cat here. I looked at our other cat Lola and told them they must be mistaken.”

“Then it suddenly registered they must mean Woosie. I was so shocked.”

Apparently, Woosie has been living a luxurious life at Ginsters pasty factory, which is about 30 miles away from Helen and Philip’s residence. Since he got lost, Woosie has enjoyed a rich diet of pastries and sandwiches.


“The vet said he had been living in the Ginsters pasty factory in Callington and one of the workers had been looking after him.”


His wonderful life at the factory eating delicious foods would have continued for the rest of his life had the staff decided not to take him to the vet where they found out he has a microchip.

The vet scanned the microchip revealing that he belonged to Helen and Phillip.

His human parents were so happy to see Woosie, and although he came back a little fatter, he turned out to be the same playful and adorable kitty.

Woosie the missing cat and his human parents.

missing cat

“He’s a heavy cat now – he’s quite large. We think that he may have been eating all the pasties and sandwiches up there.”

“He’s probably been given lots of titbits from staff there.”

Although Woosie obviously missed his human parents, we are pretty sure he did not regret getting lost that day. Would you agree?

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H/T: Daily Mail