Missing Cat Found, Spends First Christmas With Family After Seven Years


When someone’s pet goes missing, it’s hard to remain positive and think that they can be found the longer the time goes on. After several months, most pet owners have already given up the idea that they can be reunited with their beloved pets again.

However, the story of Elena Hanke and his cat Miko is totally different and inspirational. When she was eleven years old, she woke up one day and realized that her best friend cat had disappeared into the sprawl of Berlin, Germany. The place where she lived with her family is not exactly the safest for cats to get lost in.

After seven years, the adorable cat turned up to a local shelter in Berlin. Although Elena and her family had already transferred to a different house, the shelter was able to track them with the help of Miko’s microchip.

It was definitely a miracle and it happened on Christmas Day.

Elena, who is now 18, is finally able to spend Christmas with Miko after seven years.

“A family from the Charlottenburg [neighborhood] this year experienced a Christmas story with a particularly ‘happy ending’,” according to the local report the day after Miko was found. “They learned on Christmas day that their cat, Miko, had been found – seven years later.”

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