Missing Cat Found After Two Years; Human Mom Never Gave Up – The Reunion Is Heartwarming


Losing your beloved pet is one of the worst things that could happen to any animal lover. A woman who lost her pet cat two years ago received the best news of her life – her long lost best friend has finally been found.

Meet the missing cat Diego and his human mom Iris!

The adorable flame-point Siamese has been her best friend for 12 years before he went missing. She never gave up and had wished that someday the two of them will reunite.

It was June 2015 when Iris discovered that Diego had gone missing. The indoor cat is said to have snuck out when Iris’ dad was visiting.

Iris posted signs everywhere for almost 2 years hoping for someone to recognize the missing cat.

Although everyone has already given up, Iris remained positive and hopeful that Diego will soon come back.


“I was at work and in between patients, I’m a vet tech, something told me to look on animal friends of the valley website which is odd for me.”

When she decided to check the website, Iris saw a familiar face.

“I saw his picture and left work as fast I could.”

“The moment I saw him I felt indescribable joy, I felt peace and overwhelmed because I knew he wasn’t dead. My intuition always told me he was alive,” Iris said to Love Meow.

Iris and Diego were inseparable before the latter went missing. They have been together for 12 years and Iris could not just easily let go – even if her family told her to stop looking.

This photo was taken before Diego went missing.

The story of Iris and Diego has given a lot of people who lost their pets a great deal of hope. They should not easily give up. You will never know who will show up at your doorstep tomorrow or the next day.

The heartwarming reunion of Iris and Diego. The video will make you cry!

“He was stressed at the shelter but once we got him he is totally back to his old self,” said Iris.

The kids are also happy when they realized that Diego had come back after two years. The handsome cat grew up with Iris’ children.

“After almost two long years I found my 13 year old cat! I can’t tell you how much joy this has brought our family,” Iris said.

“I found him! The kids literally cried with joy.”

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H/T: Love Meow