These Are The Most Adorable Color-Changing Kittens!


These kittens were born with a condition called “Fever Coat”. Their mother, during pregnancy, most likely had a fever or may have been stressed, which caused the pigmentation of their fur. “Fever Coat” is entirely temporary but so adorable! As the kittens grow older, their fur will fall out and their true color will start to show.

Strangely, they are named after super villains! They may be the cutest little villains ever!

These kittens are from Friends for Life Rescue Network located in Los Angeles, CA. They are so adorable in these photos, more so, when you see them in real life.



Lex Luthor





“The kittens have the so-called “fever coat” when born, but it fades and by the time they are about 6-8 months it has gone completely. Fever coat means the pigments haven’t been properly deposited in the fur so it can appear silvery-grey, cream or reddish.”

Bruce the cat is another example of a rescued kitty that grew out of his silvery fever coat into a handsome black cat.

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