Mother Cat Desperately Wants To Get Out Of Rescuer’s Home To Lead Her To More Kittens


A stray mother cat was lucky enough to have found a rescuer, who took her and her two kittens into a home where they can be safe. A woman in Canada saw the mother cat with her babies coming out of the garage. She took her in but then she observed that the mother cat was very insistent on getting out.

When the woman opened the door, the mother cat immediately ran back to the garage. It turns out that she had left behind five more kittens, which she all took one by one.

This mother cat wanted her rescuer to find the babies she left behind.

It turns out she has five more kittens!

The lady knew then that the best thing that she can do is to call Vancouver-based rescue center, VOKRA (Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association), to help. Thankfully, the big cat family is now in a much better place and has been placed in a foster home. As soon as the team took in all the kitties, they noticed that one of theĀ furballs from the bunch walked strangely.

The kittens were no more than four weeks old when the rescue took them in.

These little ones had to be put in a foster home.

Maria, who took care of the kittens, said that one of the kitties had a badly damaged back leg and a foot was missing. Maria revealed that tiny kitten had a wound that has been around for a while and had gotten infected.

This tiny silver-haired kitten had a badly infected wound on his back leg.

This cute little fella was named Long John Silver!

Although Long John Silver has an affected leg, he can still be an adorable and active kitten.

Watch him in action in the video below!

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