Mother Cat Rescued An Orphaned Baby Rabbit And Raised It As One Of Her Own


An adorable kitty named Snaggle Puss is a very compassionate and loving animal. One time, she wandered outside her home and discovered a tiny rabbit that appeared to have lost its way. Upon investigation, Snaggle Puss realized that the baby rabbit needed some help so she immediately took her in.

Meet the loving cat, Snaggle Puss, and her newly adopted baby rabbit!

baby rabbit

Snaggle Puss brought the rabbit home to her family and surprised them. She became a surrogate mother for the little rabbit and her human family named it Bubbles.

It appeared that Bubbles no longer has a mother after she died when the baby rabbit was just a week old. Snaggle Puss, who is also a mother, did not waste time in taking the poor baby rabbit in.

According to reports, locals in the area said that the mother rabbit might have been killed by a cobra.

Bubbles with her new feline brother!

Although Bubbles came from a different species, the motherly cat knew she had to do something to save this little rabbit.

Fortunately for Bubbles, Snaggle Puss was on hand to provide some motherly help.

Love really has no bounds as what Snaggle Puss have shown to the world.

“A cat who has adopted a teeny-weeny rabbit… what more is there to say?”

Watch the heartwarming video below:

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