Smart Mother Cat Helps Woman Saves Her Tiny Kitten Trapped In Storm Drain

Here Kitty Kitty Rescue

A distressed mother cat was found by a woman named Lisa near her workplace wandering around and meowing for help. When she tries to get near the homeless kitty, she was led to a storm drain where a tiny kitten was trapped.

This is the mother named Rayne!

Here Kitty Kitty Rescue

“Our new friend Lisa called us Thursday when a momma cat met her in her work parking lot and seemed to be leading her to a tiny drain up by the building. When Lisa got close to the drain, she could hear a kitten down the hole frantically crying,” Here Kitty Kitty Rescue posted on their Facebook page.

Lisa quickly called the cat rescue group to make sure the tiny kitten gets the immediate help.

Here Kitty Kitty Rescue

“We tied a tuna juice soaked scarf around a 7-foot pole and stuck it down the pipe. Our hope was that the kitten would be attracted to the smell and climb up the scarf and to freedom.”

Apparently Rayne has another kitten they named Riley who was hiding in the bushes. The volunteers were able to get the mother cat along with her other kitten in a carrier while they try to rescue the little one from the drain.

Here Kitty Kitty Rescue

The volunteers were having a hard time getting to the kitten and all their rescue plans were unsuccessful.

“Our good friends at Meow Mission went to check out the situation and to help and could still hear the baby down in the pipe screaming. We started to panic because we knew that we were running out of time.”

“How do you catch a feral kitten that does not want to be caught, as he is running terrified through a maze of underground pipes, hungry and just wanting his mommy? We finally got inspired and had an idea.”

Here Kitty Kitty Rescue

Stacy, along with the other rescuers, tried everything to make sure the kitten gets saved.

Here Kitty Kitty Rescue

The rescuers decided to crawl into the murky water from a nearby manhole in hopes of finding the pipes that would lead them to the kitten.

“We found a black pipe about 10 inches wide that seemed to lead to the drain pipe where the kitten had fallen down. We got our small kitten live trap, filled it with yummy food, and placed it in the black pipe connected to the manhole.”

“We were all holding our breath, and heard the best sound ever: the snap of the trap closing!”

Meet the tiny kitten, Piper!

Here Kitty Kitty Rescue

“Despite being alone, with no warmth or food for almost 48 hours, we got our kitten, safe in the trap. Lisa named the little guy Piper.”

The rescue group immediately rushed the kitten to the shelter where he got reunited with his sibling and their mother.


Here Kitty Kitty Rescue

Piper showing some love to Stacy…

tiny kitten rescued
Here Kitty Kitty Rescue

The little cat family are lucky to have been found by a good samaritan who immediately contacted the rescue organization.

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