Motorcycle Rider Puts Life In Danger To Save Kitten, Gives Her Furever Home


A kind-hearted lady biker screams as she tries to signal passing cars to stop because a tiny kitten, which everyone may not have seen, is sitting scared in the middle of the road.


It was an intense situation and the lady biker behind the camera decided to leap off her motorcycle and approached oncoming vehicles.

The lady then scoops up the terrified little feline and handed it to a bystander while she went back to her motorcycle and parked it properly.

“I don’t know who she belongs to!” says the worried bystander, as the lady biker sprints back into the intersection to get the motorcycle she abandoned there.

The kitten was obviously shaking as the biker put her in the motorcycle helmet.


“You can just put her in my helmet for now,” says the biker.

The bystander also offers to take the adorable kitten home.

“If you don’t take her, I’ll take her to work.”

However, it was obvious that the motorcycle rider has already fallen in love with the little cat.

“No I’m going to take her,” the biker said. “You’re ok now sweetie,” she says to the tiny kitten.


It has already been more than a year since it happened and the cat they named Skidmark has since lived a happy life.

This is Skidmark today at her furever home.


She turned out to be one of the most beautiful kitties we have ever seen!


Watch the full video of the heart-pumping rescue below:

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H/T: The Dodoskidstagram1