Neglected Dog With 12-Pound Tumor On His Leg Gets The Best News Of His Life


Shadow is just one of the unfortunate dogs that was neglected by his owner. When he arrived at Vet Ranch, he was malnourished and was found to be positive for heart worms. As if that’s not bad enough, he had an incredibly huge tumor on his leg.

Animal Control had to respond to Shadow’s case after they received a call about the dog. He had been running around the neighborhood for years and his owners didn’t even bother to have the tumor checked out.

Shadow arrived at the Vet Ranch with a burdensome tumor.

He was also thin and was positive for heartworms.

Imagine this poor boy having to walk with that 11.8-lb tumor for years.

Dr. Kerri of Vet Ranch didn’t want to give up on Shadow, who is supposed to be amputated.

Dr. Kerri decided at the last minute that Shadow should get to keep his front leg.

Dr. Kerri realized that removing Shadow’s tumor will be a real challenge. She was initially concerned about Shadow having cancer or him losing his leg. But the doctor took a chance after looking at Shadow lying unconscious on the operating table.

Watch how the vet performed the surgery and the great news that Shadow and Dr. Kerri got in the video below.

WARNING: Video contains graphic footage. Viewer discretion is advised.

It’s a great thing Dr. Kerri didn’t give up on Shadow. The surgery was a big success, Shadow has put on some pounds and the good boy got to keep his leg. He also had treatments for his heartworms and he got neutered. The happiest news of all is that Shadow was able to go to a loving happy home.

Although it was heartbreaking to see Shadow in his condition, it’s still a good thing that his story ended happily.

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