New York Woman Charged With Animal Cruelty For Keeping 55 Cats – But Says She Loves Them

Elizabeth Grant Georgett Roberts

When a police officer responded to a crime in Queens, New York, they accidentally discovered a house crawling with 55 cats and some dogs.

Elizabeth Grant
Georgett Roberts

The Police said that nobody was around when the officer went to the place because of a reported crime. However, it leads them the home of Elizabeth Grant where they found the animals. According to the police, most of the cats were in a bad condition and appears to be living in deplorable conditions.

“The smell of ammonia was so overwhelming, animal rescue workers had to wear respirators to breathe, as well as protective clothing when entering the premises,” said the district attorney of Queens, New York, Richard A. Brown.

The animals, which later found to have dental diseases, respiratory infections, ear mites and fur matted with feces and urine, were taken from the house after a couple of weeks.

Apparently, Ms. Grant just wanted to help stray cats that are wandering on the streets and did not have any intention of hurting them.

“This is a situation where the Grants started taking in sick and abandoned thrown-away animals, who were in horrible shape to begin with, and started nursing them back to health,” says Richard Bruce Rosenthal, Ms. Grant’s lawyer.

Grant pleaded not guilty to aggravated cruelty to animals and torturing and injuring an animal. According to her lawyer, she turned down the plea deals and wants to face all charges filed against her.

“I love each and every one of them, 1 million percent. I didn’t do anything wrong,” said Grant. “It’s a publicity stunt on their [prosecutors’] end. It’s unfounded, it’s not true.”

Source: New York Times, New York Post

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