NYPD Officers Persistently Convince Boss To Adopt Stray Kitten

NYPD 60th Precinct

Brooklyn’s NYPD 60th Precinct welcomed an unlikely character to the team – an adorable tabby cat.

The six-month-old kitten was abandoned at the precinct and he quickly stole the hearts of the officers. The team then decided to keep him and convinced their commanding officer that the cat would be a perfect addition to the team.

NYPD 60th Precinct

Although the boss agreed that the cat would be a “purrfect co-worker and morale booster,” the officers should make sure that they clean up after him.

NYPD 60th Precinct

“I told them, ‘I have two cats at home and two dogs, and I don’t have a problem with it, but we got to get a litter box and you have to clean out the litter box,” Deputy Inspector William Taylor said to Brooklyn Paper. “I’ll even foot the expense, the food, the water, the treats — but I’m not cleaning out the litter box.’”

Fortunately, everyone agrees to the deal and the cat now has a home he can call his own!

NYPD 60th Precinct

According to the New York Post, Officer Martin D. Costanza is one of the officers who persistently pleaded to his boss for the cat to stay at the station. They named the tabby after him!

Meet Martin the police cat NYPD!

NYPD 60th Precinct

Martin is no longer a stray cat, and he is expected to enjoy everything the officers have at the precinct including company, multiple beds, food and water stations, and toys!

“He’s definitely lifted spirits. There’s not one person here, cop or civilian, that doesn’t adore this cat,” Deputy Inspector William Taylor told the New York Post. “He has the run of the precinct. He took control of the place right away.”

NYPD 60th Precinct

Way to go, Martin! Now, go ahead help your fellow officers catch bad guys!

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(h/t: New York Post)