14 Signs You Are An Obsessed Dog Person


When you are a genuine dog person, all you see is that a dog is awesome. These days, we see a lot of people bragging about their cute, furry best friends on Facebook or even regularly post photos of them. Dogs are just w

Dogs are just wonderful, lovable and they can be loyal to their humans. They become part of the family easily as they deserve all the love and respect in the world. For some though, this is not enough and they can be anĀ obsessed dog person (in a good way). Are you one of those people? Find out with these 14 signs of an obsessed dog person.

Are you one of those people? Find out with these 14 signs of an obsessed dog person.

1. Heavy pampering

Kirby the Dorkie/Flickr

Whatever pretty things you’ve seen at the pet store that you think will look great on your furbaby, you buy it. You give her a lot of toys to play with, a comfortable bed and even take her regularly to a grooming spa. After all, you believe your dog/s deserve all the best.

2. You talk to them in human language

You wander around the house talking, sharing your daily experiences with them. The difference between a dog and a human is that the dog actually listens, understands and despite what you’ll say — he never judges.

3. You won’t mind the puppy accidents

Every dog owner understands the mess that’s going to happen when a puppy is around. Not only will you be dealing with poop and pee accidents but also damages to the house — and it’s worse if you’re renting a home. But if that’s the case, you really won’t mind the security deposit payments because you love the puppy too much to punish him for the accidents.

4. The best meal

You make sure that your dog eats healthy food and one that he surely loves. From time to time, you also sneak in some treats because who can resist those puppy eyes?

5. They won’t miss out on family photoshoots

You are an obsessed dog person if you make sure that Fido will never miss out on family portraits. Enough said.

6. Your dog has more grooming sessions than you do.


Need we say more?

7. His photos are everywhere…

Your dog’s photo is your phone wallpaper or screensaver, your profile picture or even cover photo on Facebook. Who knows, you might even have used it as your Tinder profile photo.

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