14 Signs You Are An Obsessed Dog Person


8. You make sure they have playdates

Eric Sonstroem/Flickr

You understand dogs should also socialize with other dogs.

9.  You let them take over your bed.

And you tend to fall off the floor because your dog owns the bed now.

10.  You hire the top dogsitter you can find

Adelaidasofia/Wikimedia Commons

You want to make sure your dog is in great hands when you need to be away.

11. You have dog and human treats on the table.


You don’t mind but your friends might make the mistake of picking one over the other. It would be a laughing matter.

12. Toys are everywhere

And you might step on one too. It’s like having a toddler around with all the toys lying on the floor and getting stuck in between or in corners.

13. You don’t mind all the fur on the couch or even on you.

Taro the Shiba Inu/Flickr

Fur is a sign of love.

14. You can’t remember what it’s like without a dog.

Life is just way too cool when you have a dog. And you won’t have it any other way.

h/t: OneGreenPlanet

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