31-Year-Old Tabby Survives Critical Surgery – She Could Be The World’s Oldest Cat

Beth O'Neill

The world’s oldest cat has recently undergone a life-saving operation that could extend her life for a few more years. Apparently, this 31-year-old kitty has more than just nine lives.

Meet the world’s oldest cat, Sasha!

Beth O’Neill

This gorgeous senior feline who is 141 in equivalent human years, had the growth in her nose removed. For many months, Sasha had been struggling with the condition, which had also restricted her breathing.

Her 63-year-old human mom Mrs. O’Neill rescued her in 1991 when she was still five-years-old. The former stray kitty was picked up by her owner when the latter was horse riding. According to Mrs. O’Neill, Sasha was desperate to be adopted as she follows her around meowing to be rescued.

Sasha with Beth O’Neill’s daughter, Emma, at the age of 6, just after she was rescued

Beth O’Neill

Sasha has been through a lot, but the brave kitty has always found a way to survive and continue living a happy life with her beloved human family.

Mrs. O’Neill did not have any idea that Sasha could be the oldest cat in the world until the Doctor who performed the surgical operation told her.

Beth O’Neill

“I couldn’t quite believe it as that had never occurred to me before, but having taken a look I think she might be too”

“She was all skin and bone when I found her and in a terrible state, so it’s even more unbelievable that now she’s potentially the oldest living cat.”

“I wasn’t sure she’d last a week after I took her home, but here she is over 25 years later in great health.”

“I haven’t applied for the Guinness World Record yet, but I think I will, it’d be such a nice achievement for her.

Beth O’Neill

When Sasha developed the growth she was struggling to breathe and we thought we would lose her.”

“But thanks to the vet and his amazing skills she survived and is now back at home getting on with her life.

I don’t know how many lives she has left, but she’s definitely made the most of her 31 years – who knows how many more she has left?”

Mrs. O’Neill added: ‘She is spoiled; I give her cuddles whenever she wants and other than that she just eats and sleeps. But that’s what happens to humans when they age too.”

Beth O’Neill

“I have four dogs and another cat, but Sasha is definitely number one.”

A representative from Guinness World Records has also expressed the organization’s interest in knowing Sasha’s story.

Beth O’Neill

“We don’t currently have a record holder for the oldest cat living as our previous holder sadly passed away last year,” the spokesperson said.

“This is one of our iconic record categories and we’re always excited to hear about new potential record holders.”

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H/T: DailyMail

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