Orphaned Kitten Brought To Office By Foster Mom And Makes It A Better Place


A tiny orphaned kitten was brought to work by her graphic designer foster parent so she could be feed around-the-clock. However, no one expected the kitty to be a great help to everyone at the office.

This is Joey, the tiny calico kitten!

The orphaned kitten needs a lot of attention so a volunteer at Young Williams Animal Center in Knoxville, Tennessee decided to bring Joey to her workplace since nobody can take care of her at home. The foster mom gets her meal every several hours, while everyone else at the office gives her lots of TLC.

Fortunately for the little kitten, the people at the office are very welcoming to tiny hairy creatures like her.

Their workplace used to be so quiet during working hours until foster mom brought in the sweet little thing.

“We hear little squeaky mews every four hours when she has to be bottle-fed,” reddit user sa3belle told Love Meow.

“Most of the day she sleeps. Things will probably change once she’s older and needs to use a litter box.”


Bringing the cat to the office appeared to be a great idea as everyone becomes so attached to her including their boss. They take turns babysitting the kitten when mommy needs a break.

“We take turns having her on our desk. It’s a nice break from stressful deadlines,” she told Love Meow.

Although Joey loves to socialize with the people in the office, her favorite thing to do is sleep.

She takes nap a lot!

The little kitty seemed to be a stress reliever for everyone. She makes them happy.

orphaned kitten

It’s always a good thing to start your day with a beautiful kitten like Joey.

We would love to have a cat at our office. That would surely make everyone less stressed out.

We hope that Joey gets to find her furever home once she’s ready to be adopted.

When that time comes, the people in their office would surely miss her.


Apparently, Joey’s foster mom does not want her to go anywhere else. She decided to adopt the sweet thing!

We are so happy for Joey!

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H/T: Love Meow

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