Lucky Dog Gets An Adorable Bedroom All To Himself, Thanks To Human Dad


Hennessey the six-year-old French Bulldog is living the life. Hennessy’s human surely knows how to pamper dogs. He built the pooch his own bedroom where he can have some private space.

The one lucky pup surely gets all the love from his human dad. And for David Maceo, it’s only right to spoil Hennessy since he doesn’t have a kid and he’s looking for someone to spoil other than his wife.

For Florida man David Maceo, Hennessey “means everything.”

David Maceo built an adorable bedroom for his pooch.
David Maceo

He decided to transform a hole in the wall into Hennessy’s luxurious dog bedroom. And it’s got a motion-sensor light that detects Hennesy’s movements. Not only will the Frenchie sleep on his comfy bed, but he gets to be surrounded by the people in his cozy bedroom through the photo frames on the walls.

Maceo did an excellent job transforming the spot into his pooch’s cozy bedroom.

Hennessey the lucky pooch happens to have an interesting story. Maceo’s brother-in-law was Hennessey’s first owner but when he had to move to Colombia, the dog had to be left behind because of his heart murmur. The dog’s original owner worried that if Hennessey would travel, he would have passed.

Apparently, the pampered dog managed to beat the odds.

Hennessey enjoys his cute bedroom.
David Maceo

Maceo told ABC News that Hennessey supposedly only had two years to live. He may have been the runt of the litter but look at him now. It’s been six years and Hennessey is as happy as he can be.

Hennessey is loving his dog bedroom.

Hennessey enjoys staying in his dog bedroom.

Wherever his bed is, he goes and the once-shabby hole has become his favorite spot.

“When it comes to projects I want to always give it my own taste and do my own details,” Maceo told the news outlet.

“I planned it out, drew it, I went over it and over it to make sure that’s what I wanted to do. Those touches were the reason it went viral.”

Hennessey’s bedroom project doesn’t stop there. Maceo’s wife is planning to decorate it for the holidays.

h/t: ABC News


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