Pilot Flies 750 Miles To Save Death Row Dog Who Had 24 Hours To Live


The world still has good people who genuinely care about creatures that cannot speak for themselves. Forty-five-year-old pilot Paul Steklenski is one of them. Steklenski flew 750 miles, from Pennsylvania to North Carolina, just to rescue Adrienne the death row dog, who’s hours away from being put down.

Adrienne wound up in kill shelter Granville County Animal Shelter after being out on the streets. It was suspected that the canine suffered from abuse, which resulted in a severe bladder prolapse.

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Paul didn’t hesitate to go to Adrienne when he heard about her case.

Animals R Family

The death row dog had severe bladder prolapse, which means she required surgery.

Death row dog Adrienne had severe bladder prolapse
Animals R Family

However, the shelter couldn’t afford it so euthanasia is the next option.

Animals R Family

Steklenski, who’s been flying to rescue dogs for his Flying Fur Animal Rescue charity, flew from his home in Pennsylvania to Adrienne in North Carolina and back in Westchester, New York, Metro reported.

In 2013, the kind-hearted man purchased a plane for the specific purpose of rescuing dogs. Severe cases like Adrienne’s are exactly the reason why he made the decision to learn how to fly.

Steklenski works with Animals R Family, another rescue charity, who was then informed of Adrienne’s bad state. It was noted that if a surgery couldn’t be arranged for the poor dog, she will be put down within 24 hours. He was able to secure the surgery funds ($1,500) from the charity and that’s when Paul came to the rescue with his plane.

On Monday, Adrienne finally went through with the bladder surgery.

Animals R Family

She’s on the way to recovery and soon, she’ll find a new loving forever home.

Animals R Family

Animals R Family founder Nicole Bruck and the rest of the rescue team only hopes everything will be fine for Adrienne. She said:

“We are hoping she will be OK but she has faced a big trauma. The disturbing thing is that things like this are unusual in females and it is possible she was trying to give birth when she was injured, or that she was raped by a human. Something large ripped out from inside her with force.”

Animals R Family has already given an update on Adrienne, who’s now called Lisa.

Animals R Family

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