The People Who Stayed Behind To Help Save Cats During Hurricane Harvey


The southern part of the United States has recently been hit by a strong hurricane, which devastated thousands of families. It also affected countless of animals in the surrounding area of Texas.

Many kind-hearted people have risked their lives to help both humans and animals that got stranded in the flooded areas.


There were many animals both domestic and wild were rescued by the emergency unit, including these six cats in Houston. These poor kitties were saved and transported to a shelter on August 28.


All of the cats the cats are now safe after being reunited with their families. However, there are those who did not make it and became casualties of Hurricane Harvey.

Rescuers captured on video:

Animal rescue groups in Texas such as the Austin Pets Alive and SPCA are also trying their best to save as many animals as they can. They hope to return most of them to their owners, while some will be put in foster homes until each of them finds a loving family.

According to reports, almost 500 animals have already been rescued from Harvey’s direct path.


Over the weekend, Austin Pets Alive! has saved over 235 animals from the direct path of Hurricane Harvey. Within 24 hours later, the number has risen by nearly 100.

This cat is hopeful that the rescuers will find his family through a microchip.

Austin Pets Alive!

“We would not have been able to save and care for all of these animals – and our already full shelter – without this outpouring of support from fosters, donors, and volunteers, alike! From the fosters who waited in line for over two hours to help give an animal a safe and dry place to stay, to the amazing donors showing up with carloads of much-needed items, to online funding support – we thank you from the bottom of our hearts,” APA! said.

Austin Pets Alive!

“However, there is still a lot of work ahead of us. As we continue to care for the animals we have already saved, we have to prepare for even more animals who will need us in the coming days.”

hurricane harvey cats
Austin Pets Alive!

“This dog is walking around Sinton TX carrying an entire bag of dog food with him.”

This smart German Shepherd was lucky to get reunited with his owners.

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