Persian Cat Goes To His Favorite Groomer And Comes Back Looking Like This


Cats aren’t usually the ones to shy away from the newest fashion trend, especially when it comes to their fur. However, even this lovely Persian cat would agree that his groomer has gone a little too far.

Meet Jin Jin, the Persian cat.


Xie Qian Qian, the owner of the sweet Persian kitty, decided to have his favorite pet shaved to keep him cool and make sure the house is not always covered in shed hair. However, Jin Jin’s groomer has come up with a silly hairstyle that would make him appear like a lion – shaved everywhere else except for the untouched fur on his head.


A few months ago, Qian was supposed to take the Persian cat to his hairstylist, but he was too busy to do hit herself. So, he decided to ask her friend to take Jin Jin to his groomer; however, a miscommunication had occurred as to what haircut the cat should be getting.

Little did Qian know, his lovely pet was going to receive the most outrageous hairstyle a cat could get.


“I was surprised the groomer would shave him like that. I can’t be blamed for it,” Qian told The Dodo. Still, she admits that Jin Jin’s new haircut put a big smile on his face.


However, her husband wasn’t too thrilled about the new hairstyle the moment he saw the feline. However, he was soon laughing at it.

“My cat is a very tame and good cat,” said Qian.


To this date, Jin Jin is looking more like a Persian cat again than a tiny lion.

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Source: The Dodo

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