This Is Why You Shouldn’t Kick A Dog – Instant Karma


A person who tried to intentionally hurt a dog just for the fun of it got exactly what he deserved.

In the footage, the young man appears to be charging at a stray dog on an unnamed beach while his friend was laughing at the moment. He lunged at the dog but the smart animal jumped out of the way and the man awkwardly hit the sand.

Unfortunately for the man, some of the dog’s friends saw what happened and they charged at him forcing him to go to the water.

It could have ended badly for that person had he chose not to get in the water as the dogs were clearly ready to bite him.


Luckily for the guy, the dogs were not really that vicious, and seeing him in the water is already good enough for them.

The video below will show us that Karma is definitely a bitch!

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