These Adorable Photos Of Cat Falling In Love With A Heater During Winter Are Hilarious


This cat does the most adorable thing every winter by sitting beside a warm heater in the living room, relaxing.

Meet Busao the cat!

When Ryuji Tan from Japan rescued Busao eight years ago, the adorable kitty was homeless and wandering around the streets of Ibaraki. He was in a bad shape and was clearly struggling to survive, so Ryuji decided to save him and give him a furever home.

“When it’s cold, we use the heater every day to warm up,” Ryuji told Love Meow. “He will sit beside the heater and fall asleep.”

The family was surprised to see Busao huddling up to the heater during his first winter with them. They thought it was cute to see a cat spending most of his time beside the heater when the weather gets cold. When they realized that the kitty is doing it all the time during winter, it was just the most adorable thing.

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Busao really loves to spend most of his time beside the heater during the winter season.

Japan is so cold right now! All he wants is to warm up more,” Busao’s owner Ryuji Tan told Bored Panda.

Busao’s owner was surprised when the photos of his beloved cat got viral after posting them on Facebook and Instagram.

Everbody loves Busao…

Who wouldn’t? He’s so adorable!

His beloved owner thinks he is nine years old…

Everyone at Dog n’ Meows is obsessed with Busao.

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H/T: LoveMeow, Facebook