Pigcasso The Painting Pig: Meet The Pig Who Has Passion for Art

Joan Lefson/Caters

We mostly see domesticated animals like dogs do neat tricks but farm animals can do it as well – even better. One farm animal is Pigcasso, who became famous for the masterpieces she created. Pigcasso was just four weeks old when a South African animal rights activist rescued her from an abattoir. Her rescuer saw how the sow had this talent in art.

The rescued hog was first given different sets of toys, which included a few paintbrushes. Her owner Joanne Lefson observed how interested the pig is with playing with the paintbrushes. Lefson thought she’d also leave out some paint and canvas for Pigcasso to play with.

The sow was brought to an animal sanctuary in South Africa, which has become her home since.

Joanne Lefson/Caters

“It wasn’t long before I discovered that she really liked the bristles and the paintbrush for some reason. And it was just a case of nurturing that talent,” she said.

Lefson shared that she tried to entertain Pigcasso with different activities and the pig initially enjoyed playing with football – but that was before the pig started touching the paintbrush. Lefson stocked up on the piggy treats and employed the clicker training method to teach Pigcasso to paint. Since then, the sow can paint with long brush strokes; she even knows how to dip the tip of the brush in the paint and then start off on the canvas.

Joanne Lefson, sanctuary manager and Pigcasso the painting pig’s rescuer, said that she noticed the sow’s talent when she started to play with the paintbrushes in her pen.

Pigcasso the painting pig now has her own art gallery
Joan Lefson/Caters

Pigcasso even has her own art gallery.

Joan Lefson/Caters

Pigcasso now has her own art gallery on the farm where she lives and some of her artwork can be found there. Some of these pieces have been sold between $280 and $2,000. Money from artwork sales will go toward the South African Farm Sanctuary, which is a place where rescued farm animals get a second chance at life.

[Featured Image by Joanne Lefson/Caters]

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