Playful Dog Has Been Waiting Two Years For A Family To Love Her


Shelter volunteers have been working tirelessly for two years trying to find this sweet loving dog a forever home, but for some reason, Dog Star Rescue just couldn’t get her adopted.

Meet Cesara the sweet loving dog!

For everyone who came across Cesara, she is the sweetest dog ever, but they struggle to find a perfect family to adopt her.

“She’s been featured on our website, Instagram and Facebook, she’s attended almost every adoption event that’s been held, and she’s had advocates in each and every volunteer that has come to personally know her — yet it’s like she’s completely invisible to the outside world,” Megan Casagrande of Dog Star Rescue said during an interview with The Dodo.

There is nothing more Cesara loves but to be around people. She absolutely loves meeting new people and is always playful and happy. She’s not your typical shy dog, and she is always up for any adventure — car rides, hikes, kayaking, jogging — you name it, Cesara wants to do it with you.

One thing about Cesara is, she is not great with other animals and potential adopters must not have any pet at home. Shelter staff believes that this could be part of the reason why they couldn’t find anybody who can adopt this sweet dog.

Cesara is also a 60-pound American Staffordshire terrier, boxer and bulldog mix, so she is rather a large dog, which could be an issue for some people. Staff at the shelter wish that someday someone would just look past all that, though, and see what a truly wonderful addition to the family Cesara would make.

It has already been two years since Cesara was put up for adoption, but the people around her are not giving up. They believe that the dog will find a loving family anytime soon.

She has so much love to give, and just needs a family she can give it all to. 

“Cesara has been in our rescue by far the longest and she has become quite the legend,” Dan McCabe, president of Dog Star Rescue, told The Dodo. “There will not be a dry eye in the Dog Star volunteer base when she finds her lifelong human partner(s).”

“She’s been featured on our website, Instagram, and Facebook.”

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Source: The Dodo

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