Owner Surrenders Pregnant Deaf Cat At Shelter, Needs Help After Losing Two Kittens


A poor kitty was surrendered at a local shelter in Indiana by her owner as she was due to give birth. The adorable deaf cat was brought into Humane Society of Whitley County in Columbia City, Indiana.

Meet Honey, the deaf shelter cat!

Honey gave birth to four adorable kittens at a foster home five days later. Unfortunately, two of the kittens died in the next two days. The mother cat stayed by her two other kittens as the tiny furbabies struggled to survive.

“The foster was concerned that Honey wasn’t producing enough milk and the thought of bottle-feeding two surviving kittens was a lot to take on,” Barb, foster carer based in Fort Wayne, said during an interview with Love Meow.

“So I said, of course, and I’ll try whatever it takes to keep them healthy.”


Honey tried her best to be a good mother cat to her kittens as she continued to nurse them the best she could. “She is a very attentive mommy.”

Meet Tupelo and Manuka!

“Since mama’s name is Honey, I’m giving them names that are types of honey,” Barb added.

Foster mom Barb is also checking on the cat family round the clock to make sure the two kittens are well and fed.

“The babies have also been supplemented with some kitten milk replacer. So happy to have positive weight gains. They even feel a bit ’rounder’.”

“I’ll provide breakfast in bed, or lunch, snack, whatever – so the mama can relax while she eats, knowing her babes are right there beside her. A stress-free mama cat is going to make more milk.”

Honey often meow as a way to call Tupelo and Manuka, but since she is deaf, she doesn’t really meow much but she does purr constantly and grooms her adorable tiny kittens.

“She does not get concerned when I handle the babies (to weigh them and check them over). Usually, the babies fuss when you do that but she can’t hear them mewing so it doesn’t upset her,” Barb told Love Meow.

Tupelo and Manuka are a few days old but their eyes haven’t opened. With Honey’s extra love and help from their foster, the kittens are growing bigger and stronger every day.

“Honey is so gentle with her newborns. She will scoop them up close to her face and cuddle them. It’s so endearing.”

The cat family’s foster mom is just waiting for the kittens to be big enough for a spayed/neutered procedure. Then all of them will be put up for adoption, including Honey.

You can follow the cat family’s progress on Instagram.

Watch the adorable video of Honey the deaf cat and her tiny kittens below:

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Source: LoveMeow

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