Pregnant Stray Cat Desperately Meows For Food Gets Fed, And Found A New Friend

Robin Seplut

All the people in this world that love cats know that helping every single stray feline is an impossible task to do. Despite the remarkable effort of countless animal loving volunteers all over the globe, there is still so much work to be done.

However, every kind hearted animal lover always gets that heartbreaking feeling when they come across a stray creature desperate for help.

Robin Seplut

The video below shows a pregnant cat meowing for food to survive the tough and dangerous life as a stray. Being pregnant on the streets without a home is pretty unsafe even for a cat with nine lives.

This pregnant stray cat is meowing as hard as she can!

Robin Seplut

Fortunately for the pregnant stray cat, she came across a kind-hearted person who saw her suffering and gave her a good amount of food. The poor homeless cat may have hinted that the person she meowed to has a compassionate heart.

We wonder how long had she been meowing for help before Robin Seplut decided to give her some. We assumed that this stray cat had been meowing for food for as loud as she can until this kind-hearted person heard her.

This pregnant lady may not have eaten for quite some time.

Robin Seplut

This stray cat certainly needs all the nutrition she can get to make sure she delivers easily with normal kittens. Robin realized that he knew he had to help her by giving her food.

After her meal, the cat showed her appreciation by trusting Robin and letting him pet her.

Robin Seplut

Although it was not mentioned if Robin adopted the cat or brought her to a rescue center, we are pretty sure that the stray kitty is in good hands. We assumed that the cat remembers where to go whenever she feels hungry.

We hope to get more from Robin so he can give us an update about this adorable pregnant lady.

That was quite a meal – Thank you!

stray pregnant kitty
Robin Seplut

Watch the video below:

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H/T: Robin Seplut