After 4 Years Marine Reunited With His Long Lost Cat Who Helped Him Overcome PTSD

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After four years and more than 2000 miles away from each other, Hemi the cat has finally reunited with his beloved human dad, Robert Connell.

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“Before I had kids, the only thing I could connect to was a cat,” said Robert who couldn’t wait to see his long lost buddy.

The former Marine who suffered from PTSD found comfort in Hemi when the two of them were together before the adorable feline got lost. He was more than just a cat to him. He used to share his deepest thoughts to the kitty as he struggled with PTSD.

“I never knew a cat would get attached to me, or I get attached to it.”

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According to Robert’s wife Jennifer, when the former Marine was previously deployed, Hemi went looking for him and never returned home.

Former Marine Robert and his family!

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Hemi was supposed to fly early to their home in Bismarck North Dakota but due to a snowstorm, the flight was delayed for a few days. However, the former Marine Robert could no longer wait to see his best friend so he drove almost 2000 miles to get him.

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It was a heartwarming moment when the best friends saw each other again. It was pretty clear that both Robert and Hemi have missed each other, and they could not wait to catch up and share stories about their experiences in life while they were away from one another.

“Geez, you look a little older and wiser,” Connell told Hemi when he first saw him.

Aww… So Sweet

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“Hey I got some good news for you Hemi, we got a place lined up, in two months we’re going to have a nice big yard,” said Connell. “You ready to go home? You ready to go home?”

Hemi was identified through a microchip when he was rescued by Craven Pamlico Animal Services.

Watch the two best friends reunite in the video below:

Hemi the cat is now expected to have a wonderful life together with his best friend, Robert.

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