Puppy Has A Heart-Shaped Nose And He Loves Showing It To People


When this adorable dog arrived in his new forever home, his owner quickly noticed something special about him.

Meet Wiley, the puppy with a heart-shaped nose!

Wiley is not only the sweetest and sassiest puppy out there, he also has some distinct marking on his tiny nose that formed an adorable heart shape.

His new family wasn’t so sure if the markings will stay as Wiley gets older, but after many months, the heart-shaped marking around his nose remains. His interesting facial feature is definitely making people he come across happy.

“I wasn’t sure if it was going to stick because the top left part of it was a somewhat detached spot,” Lexi Smith, Wiley’s mom, said during an interview with The Dodo.

Wiley’s facial feature also matches with his personality as the pup also has the biggest heart. He has a ton of dog energy and there is nothing he loves to do but play all day with the people around him. He also likes meeting new people and makes sure they are happy once they interact with him.

“Everyone notices the heart,” Smith said. “Can’t take him anywhere without being mobbed, but he loves all the attention. He is cute and he knows it! He is a stubborn little sweetheart full of sass and constantly making me laugh. He is a cuddle bug when he wants to be, but when he is ready to play, you better be ready to, too.”

Even though Wiley is a young dog, He has definitely already picked up on the fact that he’s insanely adorable and that he is loved by everyone. He’s not at all shy and sees the world as just a bunch of new friends he hasn’t met yet. He is absolutely a show-off.

Wiley also loves hiking, play with other dogs, mess around with his cat sibling and watch his favorite movie, “101 Dalmatians.”

It is definitely hard to say no to this incredibly spoiled little puppy, who usually gets his way.

“I taught him ‘sit’ pretty early, so now whenever he wants anything, he just sits and expects to be rewarded with it,” Smith said. “He scoffs and grunts at you when you tell him no, but he doesn’t have to deal with that often since he’s so cute and usually gets his way.”

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Source: The Dodo

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