12 Reasons You Should Never Get A Cat


There are just many reasons you would need an animal companion at home. They’re furry, cuddly and they brighten your day. But sometimes, you may be fooled by their cuteness, especially when you’re dealing with a cat.

If you’ve never owned a cat in your life and you think that it would be awesome to have one, think again. Unless you’re prepared to have your life changed forever, don’t get a cat!

You have a furry alarm clock.

Not that it’s all bad but if you planned to wake up late, it’s never going to happen with a cat around to wake you at 5:30 a.m.

“If I sits, it’s mine.”

This poor guy couldn’t even sit on his own chair. The cat owns it!

They’ll sit anywhere, even on your face.

They tend to be proud of everything they do.

She’ll steal your husband…

… and there’s nothing you can do about it.

They own pretty much everything…

Even your beloved bed…

They want you to hold it in…

Privacy? What’s that?

Privacy is something that’s hard to come by.

His Royal Highness demands his meal delivered on time…

Don’t you dare be late even for just a minute!

They love bringing you dead stuff…

Don’t freak out and you better be proud of that catch!

Cats are also great at shifting the blame to someone else.

Poor dog!

Sometimes, food tastes a lot better when it’s eaten off the floor.

Would you get a cat?

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Source: Brightside