Bride Chooses Adorable Rescue Puppies Over Wedding Bouquets


A young couple was planning for their upcoming wedding when they came across a post on a local animal rescue, The Little Guild’s Facebook, looking for a foster home for a litter of puppies they had found in someone’s yard in the neighborhood. The moment they saw the post, the kind-hearted couple quickly decided to do something about it.

“We’ve raised baby piglets and cows before, so this can’t be much different!”

Meet Becky and John!

The two began to foster two puppies from the litter and they named them Penny and Patch. The puppies were so tiny that Becky and John wouldn’t let them stay at home alone. The couple also had to drive to Cabelas, which is many miles away from their house, to get some things for their honeymoon, so Penny and Patch joined along on their trip.

The puppies were so adorable snuggled up inside of a diaper bag in the shopping cart and having bottles in the car ride. Soon after the couple began fostering 3 more puppies from the litter named Roley, Lucky, and Freckles.

As soon as they switched the pups from milk to dog food, everything was chaos! The puppies always get covered in the food that Becky and John would have to give them all baths every time they eat, a few times a day.

“It was mayhem,” says Becky.

The couple made sure to foster all the puppies until they can find forever home for each of them – and they all did!

The best thing about fostering the puppies for Becky and John was to include all of them in their wedding. Who needs bouquets when you can have these adorable rescue puppies?!

All of the pups went to loving families shortly after the wedding day. The couple was so happy that all of the puppies got adopted by people who are willing to give them the love they deserve.

Patch, who is now named Mo, found a home with John’s aunt, so the newlyweds can still spend some time with him.

Becky bride believes that all the puppies they fostered will turn out to be great dogs!

See all the beautiful photos from the wedding below:

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