Two-Legged Kitten Defies Odds, Shocks Rescuers With Its Ability


Life is not all that perfect and it’s up to you to handle the fate that was handed to you. Like this two-legged kitten born without its hind legs. Instead of lying helplessly on the ground, rescuers found him to be able to walk on the remaining two legs he has – even just at a few weeks old.

Rocket was found in a yard in Berlin, Germany. While Mareen was attending to some stray cats, she found this tiny kitten who stood out. The kitten had only two legs but they didn’t fool anyone because he ran fast when Mareen approached him.


The kitten was shy at first but each time Mareen comes back, the two-legged furball would slowly warm up to her. Eventualy, Mareen managed to catch the kitten and brought him home. Turns out that although this little one has only two legs, he impressed his rescuers with his balancing ability. He would use his two front legs to walk and his tail as leverage.

Rocket the two-legged kitten can still run faster than other kittens.


Keeping kittens can be a challenge at first and Rocket was no exception. He was unsure of his surroundings so he kept meowing all night long, Mareen told Love Meow. Mareen would keep him company and talk to him. Eventually, Rocket decided to open up and show affection to the people who care about him.

“He followed me everywhere, and also purred all the time.”

Rocket the two-legged kitten was born without his hind legs

Rocket’s ability to balance impressed his rescuers.

Kitten with two legs impressed rescuers with his abilities

The little critter is also great at cuddling and purring for attention.

Rocket is full of energy and it seems that he is more playful than the others.


Rocket has been with his rescuers for almost a year now. He will turn one next month.

Check out Rocket in action in the video below:

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[Featured Image by @flint.guerkchen.rocket/via Love Meow]

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