Senior Cat Abandoned At 23, Now She’s 24 And Loving Life


An old cat was surrendered to a city shelter after being with her human for 23 years. She just turned 24 and the people around her are doing their best to make sure the senior cat will continue to live life happily.

Meet Ora the senior cat!

Ora was lost and confused when she arrived at the shelter and was placed in a kennel. She clearly missed her family and didn’t know why she was there. Shelter staff knew they had to do something to save this cat so they immediately post her story on Facebook, hoping for someone with a good heart to help her out.

The next day, someone visited the shelter and saved the senior cat.

“We rushed to rescue her, wanting to make her last days or weeks as comfortable as possible and not spent in a cage at animal control,” Dawn Kemper of Young at Heart Senior Pet Adoptions said during an interview with Love Meow.

The organization quickly transferred poor Ora to a much better location and the adorable old kitty immediately settled into her heated bed.

The sweet senior cat also got so much love from the people around her.

“We treated her urinary tract infection which cleared up beautifully, had the mass evaluated under her eye (which turned out to be an inoperable but non-painful tumor), and got her settled into one of our sanctuary homes where she would be spoiled rotten for whatever time she had left.”

Ora just turned 24 and the way things are going, it seems like she still has many years in her life.

“Ora is loved beyond words in her sanctuary home. She is a feisty old girl with attitude and she gets everything that she wants! From her heated beds to pureed food to the best window seat in the house, she enjoys each day as an old kitty should – in comfort and wrapped in love,” Dawn told Love Meow.

“Her joys in life are simple – several meals a day, all the cat naps she wants, and chattering at the birds out the window as they entertain her.

“And, though she is a diva, she really doesn’t like the camera! So getting a good shot of her is tough!”

“Ora’s birthday wish is that more senior kitties like her get to live out their lives in love and comfort.”

For more information about Ora, visit Young at Heart on Facebook.

Jessica of Cole and Marmalade shared with Love Meow:

“Older cats make purr-fect pets too! If you’re thinking of adopting a kitten, consider a senior cat instead. They are often overlooked at animal shelters and it’s hard to find them forever homes. There are many benefits to consider as well such as a more calming presence for your household, more established personality and the sense of pride you’ll feel knowing you gave a hard-to-place cat another chance at a happy life. Adopt don’t stop!”

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