Senior Cat Found In Basement Where She Was Abandoned By Former Owner 20 Years Ago


A lonely homeless cat has been living in a basement of an apartment complex in New York City for quite some time now. This poor nameless kitty has been living on the kindness of the residents in the building. What’s sad about her story is that she has been living there since 1997.

The senior cat has been living alone in the dark basement after her owner left and abandoned her 20 years ago. The old kitty is probably still hoping for her human mom to come back.

This senior cat has been hiding in the basement for two decades without anybody giving her enough attention, without any access to fresh air or sunlight.

Fortunately for this poor cat, an employee from an animal loving website, The Dodo, has recently moved into the building and learned about the story her story.

The poor senior cat is probably still hoping for her human mom to come back.

“I would go and give her food and pet her,” Diamantopoulou said to The Dodo. “She is super friendly and loves head rubs!”

“I would go and give her food and pet her”

The kind-hearted person called the cat Granny and took her to an animal hospital to make sure the cat gets all the medical attention she needed. The senior cat went through blood testing and the vet gave her vaccinations.

Although Granny appears to be healthy, she is extremely skinny and had already lost most of her teeth. Despite her situation, this adorable cat still loves to eat and get face rubs.

Unfortunately, Diamantopoulou could no longer keep her because she already has a cat. However, she promised that Granny is no longer going back to the basement! So, she looked for a possible human mom for granny


Luckily, a friend decided to foster the sweet cat.

Diamantopoulou brought Granny into her friend’s house and it was probably the first home the cat had seen in two decades.

“The first day she stayed in the bathroom where it is dark and cooler,” Diamantopoulou said. “I guess the sun bothers her since she hasn’t been out since forever.”

“I cleaned her with baby wipes,” Diamantopoulou said. “And I fed her and spent time with her.”

On the second day at her new house, Granny started to feel comfortable.

“I found her sitting outside the bathroom and she welcomed me.”

senior cat abandoned in the basement

We are happy that Granny will spend the rest of her golden years with the people who truly care for her. People who will show her unconditional love.

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H/T: The Dodo