Senior Cat Abandoned At 17 Gets To Live In a Home For The Remainder Of Her Life


Cinnamon was abandoned by her family last year at 17 years old. She had been abused, mistreated and for that, she felt confused and angry with anyone who would come near her. Cinnamon was left to deal with aging and her deteriorating health all by herself.

But life wasn’t always that bad for Cinnamon. She was loved by an elderly couple who died a couple of months apart from each other, according to The Orphan Cat. Cinnamon’s sad life started when she was left under the care of the couple’s relatives, who never really loved her.

Strangers had been chasing her around the house for days until a SCARS volunteer took her out of that situation. Cinnamon didn’t take it well; she was an angry cat. She would hiss at anything unfamiliar to her.

She is already in a foster home where she gets to have a warm bed, good food, and a clean room. She also has all the medicines she needs. You see, Cinnamon has pancreatic cancer, which may have caused her hair loss. Although she’s an elderly cat, volunteers are surprised at how quiet and clean she can be.

Rescuers are trying to spend time with her as much as possible so that she would get used to human company, but even that doesn’t work. With humans around, she would feel nervous. She looks grumpy and she doesn’t like it when she is approached, except for one volunteer she’s familiar with.

Cinnamon was abandoned when she was 17 years old.

The Orphan Pet

She has become an angry cat since then.

The Orphan Pet

Cinnamon doesn’t like to be approached.

The Orphan Pet

With so many volunteers willing to work with Cinnamon, it’s easy to see that she may someday get used to people more and find a forever family who she can trust but the orphan cat never really has a lot of time left.

One fine day in December, though, Cinnamon finally welcomed a human touch. And since then, anyone can pet her. Cinnamon really doesn’t have much time left, but for her rescuers, it doesn’t matter.

Cinnamon slowly learned to trust people and accept human touch.

The Orphan Pet

She continues to receive love and care from her rescuers.

The Orphan Pet

What matters is that she gets to live the life she deserves. If she dies, the good thing is that she’ll leave having received love and care during the remainder of her life.

Know more about Cinnamon’s story in the video below.

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