20-Year-Old Senior Cat Adopted, Family Never Expected How Much Love He Had Left To Give


A 20-year-old cat has been living at the shelter for many years and nobody was ever interested in adopting him until one family decided to give him a chance.

They never really know how much love this adorable senior cat has left to give but they took the chance and adopted him.

Meet the senior cat, Dexter!

Jill Williams

When the family decided to adopt a cat at the shelter, they intended to get a young kitten that they could raise. However, their hearts were stolen by a charming old boy.

They were informed that Dexter is already 20 years old and he may never live long enough for them to get connected with the cat. However, the family understood the situation and adopted the toothless cat anyway.

Jill Williams

Their intention is to shower Dexter all the love he deserves before his time on this earth ends.

On Dexter’s first day at his new forever home, he quickly bonded with his new human, JJ. The whole family treated the adorable boy like one of theirs and Dexter always reminded them how thankful he is for sharing their love with him.

Jill Williams

Every day Dexter would spend hours snuggling with the whole family and rub his head against them while purring like a machine.

Jill Williams

Not only did Dexter bond with his human family, the adorable senior cat also had a good relationship with their dogs.

Jill Williams

The dogs looked up to Dexter and were very protective of him.

It’s obvious that his favorite thing to do is cuddling!

Jill Williams

The senior cat was as happy as any kitty could be.

Jill Williams

He lived for another two years with his loving family before crossing over the rainbow bridge.

Jill Williams

 “We will never forget the love and happiness he gave in his very short time with our family. Rest in peace, Dexter.”

“It’s never too late to save a life. There are so many great animals waiting to find their forever home in shelters across the country.”

Dexter’s story reminds all of us that it is never too late to love. It doesn’t matter if you are old or young, you deserve the same unconditional love.

Dexter definitely died a happy cat!

Watch Dexter’s touching journey with his family:

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Source: We Love Animals