Senior Cat Surrendered To Shelter Won’t Stop Cuddling Beloved Stuffed Animal


A senior cat named Hoonie has recently been surrendered at a shelter in Maryland after his owner died. The owner’s daughter initially took Hoonie in, but unfortunately, both she and her own son are allergic to cats, and they couldn’t keep him. Now, all the 16-year-old cat has is his favorite stuffed animal.

Hoonie is still adjusting to his new life at Alley Cat Rescue in Maryland, and the people at the rescue center are hoping to find him a new owner. His stuffed cat, which probably still smells like home, is his greatest comfort.

“We’ve never seen a cat that is so attached to a stuffed animal,” Brianna Grant, communications associate at Alley Cat Rescue, said during an interview with the Dodo. “It really seems to be his support system.”

Hoonie spends all of his time with his stuffed cat — he sleeps with it, cuddles with it and wrestles with it.

“It’s been a long-time companion,” Grant said. “She [the owner’s daughter] sent us photos of Hoonie roughhousing with the stuffed animal, so I think Hoonie has a lot of fun with the stuffed animal and seems so attached to it. He’s been in the cage just cuddling next to it, and it seems to really help him out.”

While the people at the shelter will do everything they can to help Hoonie get used to his new life, their goal is to find a new home, especially since he craves attention from people.

“He’s a huge talker,” Grant said. “It’s very sweet. When he’s lonely, he’ll let you know. You’ll hear him from a room away. But once you go and hang out with him, he just gets silent and hangs out next to you, and he seems so content just to have people by his side.”

The senior cat is also in excellent health, so Grant hopes that his advanced age doesn’t deter potential adopters.

“He is a senior cat in the last stages of his life, so I think people have a hard time dealing with the idea of adopting a cat and making a connection, just for the cat to pass away,” Grant said. “But I’m sure that whoever gets him and adopts him will have a great few years with him. He’s such a sweetheart.”

Grant explained that the senior cat would be best suited to a calm home environment with no other cats, and preferably with owners who are around a lot.

When Hoonie is eventually adopted, his stuffed cat will follow him to his new home. “We couldn’t separate the two,” Grant said with a laugh. “They’re a package — two for one.”

Many people have already lined up to get the senior cat out of the shelter, including Shea Ryles.

“I just completed the application to adopt this baby!!!!! I hope and pray I am able to get!!! But what angers me, is the article didn’t say anything about the owner’s children trying to find a home before resorting to a shelter!!!!! I know people have allergies, but there is medication out there. But, I will keep everyone updated as to whether or not I hear from this shelter, fingers crossed please!!!!!”

Whoever gets the chance to adopt Honnie, we are pretty sure he will be in good hands.

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Source: The Dodo

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