Two Senior Cats Given Up By Young Owner Felt Hopeless Until Someone Showed Them Real Love


Two senior cats felt so confused after their owner abandoned them at the shelter. They did not know what just happened and they certainly didn’t have any idea if they will ever find a new home again. Just when everyone thought they will spend the rest of their lives at the shelter, someone decided to visit them and gave them something to live for.

Karyn Poplin of Kitty Adventure Rescue League said that the two old kitties aged 24 and 21 were surrendered to the shelter by their young owner.


“They were surrendered to the shelter, no reason given. I’m told that the owner was young, gave vet records to show the age of the cats, and didn’t give them names.”

“Their shelter names were Boy and Girl, and we’ve yet to name them. Not much history on these two overweight loaves, but for their age, they look pretty great!”

“The cheeks on this 21-year-old cat we took in are just ripe for poking.”


Old cats don’t always get adopted from shelters, and when they do, more often than not they end up in bad homes.

“We pulled them from the shelter. That means, they generally don’t do much past giving FVRCP and rabies as rescues generally cover the rest of the vetting if needed. We plan on at minimum a general follow up with our own vet,” Poplin added.


The kind hearted-woman saw something in the two senior cats that made her family decides to give them a furever home. She said that both cats are the sweetest. They just wanted to love and be loved.

“The girl, the bigger one, really likes cuddling in bed with people. The boy enjoys jumping in windows and screaming for attention.”

“Both are gigantic, overweight love bugs.”


This girl was covered with matted fur. Now, she looks so beautiful.


Both cats are pretty large and there is nothing they want to do more than to cuddle all day!

senior cats

These beautiful kitties are not going to live in uncertainty anymore. They already found someone who is willing to give them unconditional love.

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H/T: LoveMeowKitty Adventure Rescue League & Sanctuary