Senior Lady Cat Surrendered To The Shelter – Now Begs Another Human To Adopt Her


An adorable senior cat was put up for adoption after her owner decided to surrender her at the shelter. Her human mom developed medical issues leaving her no choice but to drop the cat at the local animal rescue center.

Meet the adorable senior lady cat, Miss Molly!

The 14-year-old Himalayan cat named Miss Molly was cared for at the Animal Rescue League of Boston at the Cape Cod Branch. However, she misses her old home and the whole staff at the center was hoping that this old feline will still be given an opportunity to spend her golden years in another home.

It was definitely quite hard for Miss Molly to adjust to her new environment after living for many years with her human mom. The old lady cat waited for a couple of months at the shelter until a kind hearted woman decided to pay a visit.

As soon as Miss Molly saw the young woman entering the animal center, she immediately noticed her and the cat quickly made her presence felt.

Miss Molly loves her! The senior lady cat simply wanted to go home with the lady whose name is Olivia C. The kitty knew that this was going to be her last chance to find a new furever home.

Olivia C did not disappoint the adorable Miss Molly as she had already seen the old kitty’s profile at Petfinder. The two are definitely meant to be together.

The two are definitely meant to be together.

The kind hearted woman quickly decided to adopt the beautiful Miss Molly. She did not want the cat to spend the rest of her golden years at the shelter. She wants to give her lots of TLC!

Despite showing early signs of kidney disease, Olivia was determined to adopt Miss Molly. She was not going to go home alone.

Although the cat is already in her senior years, she always has high energy for playtime.

We are happy for Miss Molly! We hope that she will feel the true meaning of unconditional love again.

You are never too old to get adopted!

senior lady cat adopted

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