Shelter Cat Does The Most Adorable Thing To Get Adopted


There are hundreds of thousands if not millions of cats desperate to be adopted at shelters all over the world. There have been countless stories from people who have told of kitties picking them at the shelter.

However, this one particular shelter cat has captured the hearts of many when he does the most amazing thing to get the attention of his favorite human.

Although nobody has ever confirmed if the cat has ever been adopted, we at DognMeows are certainly hoping that the adorable kitty has already found a loving family.

Pick me! Pick me!

This shelter kitty is definitely one of the most adorable ones we have seen on the Internet

Please do not leave without me…

shelter cat

Watch the reaction of the cat on the video below.

If the shelter cat could only speak our language, he would definitely say, “Pick Me! Pick Me!”

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Source: vevo 4k / YouTube

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