Shelter Cat Spent A Long Time Waiting To Have A Family, Until Someone Saw Her Beauty


An unwanted shelter cat waited in the rescue center for a long time until a kind-hearted couple found her and she quickly captured their heart.

Meet Trinity the shelter cat!

The adorable kitty was quite lonely in the shelter as she hoped for potential adopters to give her a chance. However, people have passed on her because she hissed at everyone she just met. Trinity was skittish and terrified but she just wanted to love and be loved.

Trinity’s story was shared on imgur and it immediately viral.

“This was the day we adopted Trinity. She was skittish and terrified of the people looking for companions. Families were passing her by for two reasons. 1.) She wasn’t a “whole” cat, and 2.) she was hissing and growling at everyone who opened the door to her cage.”

“She was 10 days out of surgery at this point. I do not know what the reason for the removal of the leg was, and when we heard the second story I stopped asking. I personally think she was abused, and we have been doing our best to rehabilitate her emotionally as well as physically.”

“Our decision to take Trinity home was decided by the fact that we could get a same day appointment with our vet before we took her to the house with our other two cats. The vet gave her an almost clean bill of physical health. She had a spot of what everyone thought was ringworm on her tail. We got meds for it, and she screamed every time we applied the medicine. The vet said this wasn’t unusual.”

“This is our dedicated cat room, and she immediately hid under/behind the 200+ pound TV. *sigh*”

“She inched her way out after a few hours of solitude to get used to her surroundings/ new home.”

“I asked her to sit up (ok, I held a toy over the camera for her to focus on, I cheated).”

“We isolated her for a few days.”

“This pop-up tent type thing was large enough for a cat bed, litter box, food, water, etc.”

“Our vet said they did an amazing job, leaving the scar in a Y shape so she wouldn’t have flexibility issues.”

“She has amazing core strength.”

Trinity the former shelter cat having some quality time with her newfound sister Gaia.

The two of them have become best friends from the get-go. Now, they are inseparable.

Trinity is no longer the same lonely cat in the shelter. She is now living happily with her new human family.

shelter cat

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