This Cat Was Left Alone At Shelter After Watching All Other Animals Get Adopted

Brampton Animal Services

There are millions of cats at shelters all over the country that are waiting to be picked up by potential pet owners. While many of them get adopted just weeks or months after they were rescued, some of them will have to wait years before finding forever homes.

However, at this one particular shelter, all the felines were lucky not to wait that long to be adopted except for one poor cat. He has been waiting for someone to pick him up in an empty room and have watched other cats being taken home by their new owners.

Meet Mimi!

Brampton Animal Services

Just a few days ago, Mimi was surrounded by other cats just like him at the shelter in Ontario Canada. The Brampton Animal Services decided to hold an adoption program to help all the animals at the shelter find homes.

All volunteers and the shelter animals were excited to see potential adopters choose new members of their family.

During the event, shelter staff hung up cards of all the animals that have been adopted during the program – 7 cats, 18 kittens, a dog and 2 bunnies.

Brampton Animal Services

As the event was about to end, Mimi started to look concern not being picked up after he watched every single animal went home with their new owners.

At the end of the day, The one-year-old ginger cat was left alone.

Brampton Animal Services

“Poor Mimi is literally the last cat standing in our cat room! Since Saturday morning we’ve sent home 18 kittens, 7 cats, 2 bunnies and one dog – but poor Mimi is still looking out (literally) for his new family!” Brampton Animal Services wrote on their Facebook page.

Despite not being a cuddler, Mimi has an “independent” personality who loves to be around humans. He just needs someone who can give him a chance to love and be loved.

Brampton Animal Services

Luckily, a kind-hearted couple saw the Facebook post about Mimi and decided to give the big boy a chance. They immediately came to the shelter and signed the adoption paper. The staff was so happy to see Mimi being taken home by his new owner.

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Brampton Animal Services

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