This Shelter Cat Wouldn’t Let Go Of This Old Man When He Came To Visit Her


Charley is a senior cat who was left by her owners and never returned for her. Staff shelter at the Young Williams Center in Knoxville, Tennessee took in the 13-year-old as a stray cat in November 2016. It was clear that Charley had been waiting to have someone come and get her. But she waited too long.

She just liked to retreat inside her box at the shelter, looking all shy and confused. But then this old man came to visit the shelter.

Walter Bond was looking for a feline companion after his mother and his cat died in the same week. He wanted someone to fill the emptiness he felt after the loss. Charley seemed to be a good candidate so a staff member went to get her so the two can meet.

Charley was brought to the animal shelter as a stray last year.

Young Williams Animal Center

The 13-year-old senior cat has been waiting for a family…

Young Williams Animal Center


Until this old man came to visit her…


Charley was scared that she hissed at the staff member when her box was touched. But instead of pressing on the shelter cat, the staff member just picked up the box while Charley was inside it and brought it to the visitation room, where Bond was waiting. In just a matter of seconds, Charley got out of her box and sat on Walter’s lap.

When Charley saw Robert Bond, she immediately went near him and wouldn’t leave his side.


Charley couldn’t stop making herself look adorable. She would rub her face on Walter as if saying that she wants him to be her human. Obviously, the two fell in love with each other. Charley definitely knew what she wanted.

After almost two months of being without a family, Charley finally found one. She has been with Bond since the New Year. You’d have to wonder though, did Bond rescue Charley or was it the other way around? Regardless, it’s clear that they are a perfect match.

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