Senior Shelter Dog Makes His Bed To Show Everyone He’s a Good Boy


It’s easy to fall in love with a dog. But for those in the shelter, getting someone’s attention can prove to be difficult sometimes. Some are lucky enough to have a short stay in the shelter while others can wait for years and years, watching those fortunate ones get out. A few, however, will do whatever it takes just to show potential adopters that they are worthy of a new home.

Meet Tyke, a senior shelter dog.

Tyke the shelter dog has been ignored for too long.


The Boston Terrier mix is known for his bed-making skills.

This adorable shelter dog shows off his bed-making skills

Tyke really knows just what to do to get someone’s attention. He has taught himself how to make his bed, making it a nice and comfy place for him to stay in. Not only that, he also makes sure that his favorite toy, a squeaky rubber pig, also has a space on his bed.

That’s Tyke’s favorite toy in his mouth.

Tyke is a resident of Beacon, NY-based shelter, Animal Rescue Foundation. Volunteers and staff at the shelter adore the sweet boy but it would be wonderful if Tyke would show off his bed-making skills to his own human.

Tyke has been ignored for far too long.

It would be such a waste if he wouldn’t get to find a family that will appreciate how sweet and loving he can be. He has good manners since he is housetrained, he’s also neutered and has updated shots. He may not be good with other dogs and cats, which makes Tyke the perfect companion for those looking for a canine best friend.

According to Tyke’s info, he likes to go on a walk and he enjoys car rides. Although he’s a senior dog, he can be agile and dance around when he’s about to get treats. We only hope Tyke will get to spend his days with a permanent loving home.

Check out the adorable video of the shelter dog making the bed below.



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